God Sings the Blues

The book of Malachi is a call from God for God’s people to return to right relationship with God through sincere worship. As Tina Turner said, “Why can’t you be, good to me?” In the first chapter, shades of Aretha Franklin surface as God requests, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T!” God speaks to God’s people about the one-sided love-affair taking place between God and God’s beloved people as if God were a “Blues Singer” laying his or her heart out before their lover. In fact, when one reads the book of Malachi from start to finish, it reads like the lyrics of a B.B. King blues cut.

Date Preached
July 14, 2019

Rev. James M. Moody, Sr.

Preparing for the Harvest

Bible Verse
Malachi 1: 1-2a; 6-8

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